Appraisal Sync is the most Simple Way to securely manage
appraisal orders

Fully Customizable Platform

Each bank has its own way of processing an appraisal request. So why use a system that doesn't conform to your process? Here at Appraisal Sync, we custom tailor the system to meet YOUR needs and processes. Best part is, we don't charge you to customize! It's free.

Cost Effective

We can build our system cost into the appraisal order so you can pass this fee to the borrower.

Highly Secure Ordering Platform

Appraisal Sync has every security certificate your IT Manager will ask for.

ISO 27001
FISMA Moderate

Some words about us

Appraisal Sync is the leader in cloud-based appraisal tracking systems. We offer a secure, Dodd-Frank compliant, appraisal tracking system that is both user friendly, and cost effective.

What we do

Managing appraisal requests can be a difficult, time consuming, and a very manually intensive process. SOS was developed to simplify all aspects of the appraisal order process including vendor panel management. The platform provides a central hub for managing orders with an efficient workflow and open communication between all parties involved. With SOS your team will drastically reduce the time spent managing appraisal requests and focus on more important duties like getting that appraisal request delivered on time and through review! We also make managing your fee panel a breeze. We have integrated with Appraisal Subcommittee to ensure your vendors have an active license. We do a nightly sweep and check against ASC's database to verify each license is active and in good standing. We will notify you and the vendor if a license becomes inactive. We also provide the ability to track E&O insurance for each vendor as well.

Why choose us?

  • Completely Manage an Appraisal Order From Start To Finish

    We offer a system that manages an order from creation all the way through review. Loan Officers can store supporting documentation to the order and the system will make those documents available to the contracted appraiser. The appraiser can communicate with your team via messages and can log important information like the inspection date or any other appraiser working on the assignment (This feature is useful when contracting large firms like CBRE® and Cushman and Wakefield®). Your reviewers can even request changes or revisions to the appraisal through our system. The system tracks every important date and even keeps a change log of any changes to the system.

  • Fully Customizable Reporting

    We offer the most unique reporting tool in the industry. We can provide highly customizable reports that show you data that is actually useful. We even have tools that give you the ability to create and write your own reports at no additional cost. It's up to you, we can either create the reports for you or you can create them yourself.

  • Remain Fully Transparent

    We understand exactly what you need from an appraisal tracking system. You need a system that tracks assignments from start to finish, but you also need a system that can protect you from that email from your Chief Loan Officer asking about the delay with the report. We track all the important dates including how long it took for the loan officer to choose a bid, days it was on hold because of lack on information, inspection delays, and any other major delay that gets that finger pointed at you.

System Integrations


Our awesome features

  • Automatic Alerts and Notifications

    As milestones are met the system will automatically notify the parties involved with the order. You never have to tell your loan officer via email that the appraisal is contracted, when it's due, or that the assignment was placed on hold.

  • System Populated LOE

    We use your current engagement letter and create a downloadable PDF version made available through the vendor’s portal. It then auto populates that engagement letter you're so used to manually creating for each appraisal request. We even have an electronic signature function that allows vendors to sign their LOE directly from their portal or mobile device!

  • Fee Panel Management

    Easily manage your fee panel with Appraisal Sync and the Appraisal Subcommittee. We have integrated our system with their API and automatically manange your panel in terms of ensuring a valid license. We offer a vendor scorecard system along with views to quickly assess your panels performance. There is also built in notifications for expired licenses and insurance coverage. Also, the vendor can upload copies of their license and insurance via their portal.

  • Electronic Bids

    With Appraisal Sync not only can you request bids from appraisers on your panel, but you can also bid out review assignments. Sometimes you order an appraisal outside of your area and you need somebody to review it. You can just as easily bid out this assignment to reviewers just as you did for the appraisal. Best part is you can use the same order and there is no additional cost!

  • Custom Reporting

    Most appraisal tracking systems lack in this department. Appraisal Sync has some of the most powerful reporting options available. You can have reports custom tailored to your needs. This isn't just a spreadsheet, we have very unique reports that display your data is ways that you can quickly understand what is going on in your pipeline.

  • Support

    An Appraisal Sync employee is here to assist you no matter how big or small the question is. We also offer a support ticket feature directly in the system.

Frequently asked questions

How long does the set-up process take?

Depending on customization requests, we can have your company up and running in one business day.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. The pricing you pay is all inclusive. The customization, support, and data storage is included in the price.

Will our preferred appraisers approve of the system?

Yes! Appraisers are provided with a unique interface to help them manage their assigned requests. Each vendor has their own portal where they can download supporting documents, accept assignments, upload signed engagement letters, communicate with your team and download month end reports.

Is there training available for our employees?

Yes, two methods.
1. On-site training - An Appraisal Sync employee will come on-site and hold classes and training seminars (travel costs required)
2. Webhosted training seminars with an Appraisal Sync employee

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